Eppelheim -the beautiful city in the heart of the Electoral Palatinate – became the first twin-city of Wilthen in 1991 and supported the municipality in the building of their new public administration.

Eppelheim with its approximately 15.000 inhabitants is a popular destination not only because of its beautiful water tower or the close proximity to the city Heidelberg. To explore their cities and to cultivate the partnership different groups of both towns meet regularly and visit each other. A worthwhile destination is the “Kerwe” – a local fair – in the beginning of October.

Löwenberg (Lwówek Śląski)

Löwenberg - Löwenberg – our second twin city is located in the voivodeship Lower Silesia in Poland. The city is situated at the river Bober (Bóbr) approximately 50 kilometres east of the city of Görlitz and has about 9.500 inhabitants.

The partnership between Wilthen and Löwenberg was documented in 2009 and has been cultivated since then – with many visits and joint festivals. Two examples are the Christmas market in Wilthen or the Santa-Clause-meeting in Löwenberg.

Santa-Clause-meeting in Löwenberg

Christmas market in Wilthen