Pumphut primary school

Wilthen’s primary school was finished at the start of the school term in 1992/93. Our school is teaching children from the area aged 6 to 10. The main house was built in 1921. It was expanded in 1975. The polytechnic secondary school Goethe was using some of the rooms until 1992. During the last few years the building has been renovated thoroughly. The new school yard was officially opened in 2016. Since the 19th October 2012 the school has been named after Wilthen’s mascot – the Pumphut.  

Our school garden, tended by children, teachers and the caretaker is a true masterpiece. It has already been honoured twice in the Saxon school garden competition.

Education and teaching under today’s conditions needs a lot of empathy, understanding, patience and steadfastness. We try to pass on the subject matters as lively as possible e. g. by organising projects, invite experts who talk about matters in a suitable way for children and try to let the children explore as much as possible on their own.

Since 2015 the school has been backed by a support association.

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Goethe secondary school

Our building is situated on the street Schulstr. 41. The centre wing has been erected in 1878, later the east and west wings were added.

The school has been completely renovated and redeveloped from 1991 to 1995. During this time new sanitary facilities, laboratories for Chemics and Physics and a new kitchen for home economics.

Today our school has 18 class rooms and laboratories which are all equipped with modern technology.

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Immanuel Kant grammar school

“Have the courage to use your own reason.” – that is the motto of our grammar school.

The school is located in the heart of the city in close proximity to the primary and secondary school. The majority of our pupils comes from Wilthen and adjoining cities by bus.

The building form 1989 offers all subjects in a mathematical-natural-scientific profile, an inviting school yard and a perfectly equipped sports complex including a newly built gym. Our dining room offers a healthy lunch for all pupils to achieve the needed balance of body and mind.

Have we made you curious? Come and visit us  - maybe on our annual “open night”

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