A short history of Wilthen

1222 – first documentary mention
1241 – Wilthen belongs to the march Meißen
1559 – the Protestant Reformation is introduced in Wilthen
1669 – Wilthen obtains market privileges and town ordinances
1700 – the oldest inns in town are: the Adlerschänke, Niederschänke and Oberschänke
1800 – six watermills are documented across the town
1837 – the manor “Rittergut” is been bought by the cathedral chapter St. Petri in Bautzen
1842 – foundation year of the company C. T. Hünlich, the later Wilthener Weinbrennerei
1870 – foundation year of the weaving mill “Weberei Thomas”, 1914 the largest factory in Wilthen with 1.000 employees
1877 – Opening of the train station and the railway lines Dresden – Zittau and Bautzen – Bad Schandau
1900 – successful participation of the company Hünlich in the Paris world exhibition
1902 – completion of the new protestant church
1909 – Wilthen gets connected to the electricity system
1922 – federal song festival and 700th town anniversary
1924 – a violent thunder storm causes flooding
1945 – Wilthen gets through WWII without fighting engagements
1969 – Wilthen obtains market privileges and town ordinances again
1972 – Wilthen gets a new coat of arms on the occasion of the town’s 750th anniversary
1974 – Tautewalde becomes a district of Wilthen
1980 – construction of a big heat plant
1985 – 89 – construction of the residential area in prefabricated slabs
1991 – construction of the shopping centre “Handelszentrum Oberland” and beginning of the partnership between Wilthen and Eppelheim
1992 – construction of a grammar school for Wilthen and the surrounding region
2000 – the town hall, originally built in 1889, gets its current look after renovation and conversion works
2003 – completion of a new fire brigade equipment house for the local fire brigade, division Wilthen
2006 – the former square “Thälmannplatz” is renamed “St. Barbara Platz”
2008-15 – fundamental equipping of numerous streets and roads with all media
2009- beginning of the partnership with the city Löwenberg (Lwówek Śląski)
2015-17 – construction of  a new gym for the city’s school centre

The following pictures show a few glimpses of Wilthen’s history – take a look!